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Mark Moffett is a multi-media installation artist working in Toledo and Denver. His has exhibited throughout the US, including Detroit, Houston, Columbus and New York, as well as Glasgow, Scotland. He was selected for the special exhibition titled “Anticipation: New Artists to Watch” at the Chicago International New Art Forms Exposition (SOFA).


Tim Ide, Megan Bremer and Dylan Ide form the Toledo based TimeTo Productions. Their projects include TiMe To Ride Bikes, an interactive video installation at the Gallery Project in Ann Arbor, the biennial Artomatic 419 in Toledo, and Rulemaking Matters! Mosaic, an award winning educational video. Plus, hundreds of music videos available at ​ . Toby is also a legal aid tenants' lawyer and civics poet, who recreated the Constitutional Convention on Twitter.


Joel Washing is an artist working in metal and wood, as well as film and video production. He is the co-founder of the Toledo based Above the Shop Studios, (ATSS), who’s credits include, "Two Toledos", a documentary highlighting artists living and working in Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Spain. ATSS currently produces a YouTube, do it yourself , video series.


Bianca Marcia is a multimedia artist, with a dual focus in costuming and performance art.  Stemming from her philosophy of Arte Util, or useful art, she creates intense, interactive performances and explores issues such as Domestic Violence, War, and Clean Water.  Drawing on her theatre background, Bianca is able to create environments in which the lines between performer and audience are blurred, heightening the intensity of the experience and openness of the dialogue.  


Erik R. Montgomery finds his place in The WORK Collective as an audio technician and general WORKhorse.  Outside of WORK, Erik performs his unique brand of solo noise/performance art across the Midwest under the moniker Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin.  He is also the founder of The Glass Swamp Sound Collective, a collaborator in The Commotion Collective, and has performed in the Nakatani Gong Orchestra.


Gary Christopher is a behind the scenes political operative. Like a cat hiding, watching, calculating; The Keeper of the Lanterns. Gary brings to The WORK Collective his knowledge of networking, background in film photography and a deeply ingrained work ethic, to humbly assist the project in any way necessary.


Paul Malak is the founder of Busted Backstage Productions based in Toledo.


The WORK Collective is a digital media, video projection and performance collaborative, based in Toledo, Ohio and Denver, Colorado


The WORK Collective formed in 2012 when Mark Moffett collaborated with TimeTo Productions to create WORK, a two story video and sound installation at Canfield and Woodward, as part of Dlectricity: Nuit Blanche Detroit. Since then, they have exhibited extensively throughout the Midwest, including their 2014 Dlectricity followup titled, CUbE x WORK feat. Paxahau. The WORK Collective is now comprised of 9 members, with a broad range of creative backgrounds.



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