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Artist Statement






What does (Work) mean to you?  


(Work) represents reward and failure. The joy of shared accomplishment and a fear of rejection. (Work) can give us both an identity and a lack of individuality. (Work) is struggle. As humans, we have a need, a desire to (Work). It’s how we relate to others. (Work) defines who we are, as a culture, a class, our place, and our relevance to the world. Through the use of digital media, installation, noise, and performance art, the(Work)collective creates immersive environments...layers, feedback, shadows, and loops that convey our message of (Work). Like society, our numbers vary and change based on a given project. We possess a broad range of talents, however, we often seek the help of others who can help us grow. Aside from our hope to make interesting (Work), we hope to promote community, inspire neighborhoods to create a sense of pride, teardown barriers, reduce mistrust between distinct cultural groups, and help find common ground. (Work) is an assemblage of several parts that create a whole. A shared responsibility. Together, we agree, we disagree, we laugh, we fight.


We are tolerant, we are restless, we (Work).

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